Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Arka Technologies Inc gives you the competence to be as variant and swift as the technology by providing with our proficient personnel. Possessing skill and ease in performance, Ready and willing to receive favorably new ideas, given over exclusively to our clients. It is how we maintain our staffing database in Arka Technologies Inc . No matter how scarce the skill set is, Our clients have access to all qualified and skilled professionals from any discipline who would work under your direction to help develop and support your applications. Our resources can help you manage fluctuating skill needs and gaps to meet your intense project deadlines. To meet all your staffing needs we offer full supplement of staffing services.

IT - Consulting

We work with businesses to define, deploy and govern their enterprise and domain architectures while systematically analyzing changes drivers to connect business requirements to adequate IT capabilities. We provide the following:

  • Business architecture consulting that includes business architecture review, IT roadmap definition and Enterprise architecture deployment.
  • Service Oriented architecture (SOA).

IT Process and Service Management

Our expertise includes IT Development and Support process improvement, using Six Sigma rigor and agility in distributed development. We use a unique blend of process, technology, organizational capabilities, and people to deliver robust methodologies and consistent processes. Our services in this area include:

  • Gap Analysis and Appraisals.
  • Systemic Model Based Process Improvements.
  • Quantified Improvements using Six Sigma Rigor.
  • Next Generation Software Methodology.

Master data management

Quality data, consistent across the enterprise, can drive significant business benefits. From enabling intelligent business decisions to ensuring customer delight and regulatory compliance, it can positively impact your organization. Efficient processes and effective governance are critical to achieving this goal.

We offers Master Data Management strategies and solutions to give you the insight and tools to reap benefits through a single and consistent 360-degree view of data across your enterprise. They are:

  • Consulting.
  • Data Strategy.
  • Architecture.
  • Implementation.
  • Support.

Infrastructure Services

Transform your enterprise by leveraging our core technology expertise and industry insight. We will help you design optimal infrastructures that support business and IT alignment while delivering lean cost-to-value investments. Services in this area are divided into the following categories:

  • Cost-focused: Infrastructure services.
  • Value-focused: Archival process architecture.
  • Change-focused: Capacity/Resource Utilization assessment, Network infrastructure design.

Business Consulting

Defining a business's transformation imperative begins with assessing its goals and the environment in which it operates. The Business Consulting services groups at Arka Technologies Inc helps enterprises envision innovative business models and provide advice on how to best achieve adoption. We have the skills and resources to help organizations define, measure, and successfully manage their journey to business transformation.

Business Process Management

We helps enterprises realize their vision of a process-managed organization by defining agile business processes, making a fast and positive impact, while enabling result-focused technology integration. Our services include:

  • Identify organization's business needs and define a robust strategy.
  • Define agile and efficient business processes to build competitive advantage.

Business Change Management

Our Change Management focuses on people to ensure that change is brought about smoothly, effectively, and with minimum resistance. Our process includes:

  • Bringing common understanding of intended change aligned with individual values.
  • Creating environments conducive to change in mind sets.
  • Transferring ownership of the change program through institutionalization and internalization.
  • Coaching and problem solving.

Program Management

Our Program Management helps organizations efficiently manage project portfolios to successfully execute investment strategies. We provides enterprises with the structure, processes, and tools to achieve alignment between strategy and execution required for implementing and delivering organizational change. Our services include:

  • Identifying, planning and organizing business activities.
  • Delivering business advantage and shareholder value.
  • Giving an impartial view of program status.
  • Delivering guidance to turnaround failing programs.
  • Ensuring optimum balance between projects.

Staffing Services

  • Contract and Temporary Labor: Customers with excess or special workloads can hire Superior employees to work on an as-needed or contingent basis.
  • Contract-to-Direct Hire: Customers can assess a promising candidate by engaging him or her as a contract employee through Superior. If fully satisfied, the employee can be offered a direct position with the customer.
  • Direct Hire: We guarantee all of our placements and never charge a fee to our employees.
  • Payroll: Customers can refer individuals with proven skills to Superior, and we can hire them as contract employees assigned to that customer at a reduced cost.
  • Any type of staffing service is offered by:
    • Providing with appropriate resource from our large pool of skilled professionals.
    • Recruiting them on your behalf.
    • Deploying them to your work place.
    • Managing them throughout the contract.

Service Details

Because of the breadth of our skill sets, Arka Technologies Inc staff Augmentation Services comprehend proven processes and expertise in:

  • Major operating platforms.
  • Databases.
  • Web and Legacy languages.
  • Enterprise applications.
  • Web Technologies.
  • Package applications.
  • Testing tools and services.
  • Mainframes, Middleware and Groupware.
  • All of our services provided in secure network.
  • Resources can be recruited or terminated on demand.